Self evaluation Forms

Self evaluation Forms

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Self Evaluation of my work at Interim Show

The show as a whole went well, it was very professional looking and the studio was done up to a high standard. Although it felt a little small compared to the Sculpture space that was vast.

For the show, I displayed three separate pieces that were all from the same body of work. The main piece was a video installation consisting of 2 projections in the corner of a room. On one wall there was a textured wall with thin paper coming out of it, similar to that of the cove I created in the white project space to create work in, including films and photographs. It was titled ‘Paper Realities’ perhaps a bit too obviously, because I was transforming this every day object we use, paper, into a completely different form and space. I’ve been looking a lot at the ‘gaseous perception’ of things, the eye that would be inside something. In this case inside a scrunched up piece of paper. Through the destruction it has been transformed into a whole new form. I tried to create an unplaceable environment out of it, and also combine it with the research about weather and how our bodies are effected by environmental factors, such as wind and storms in ways that we can’t even comprehend. Something else we cant see, yet is present. The piece ended up having a very meditative effect on the viewer from certain feedback I have received. The paper is like a cove, a created cave, a shelter that is man made but familiar to that of something natural. Creating different layers of pictorial reality, through using the actual paper and also a projection of this paper changing light and colour on top of it, encompassing many different structures. I think it could have been more effective if it engulfed the space even more, however as I was working with projectors this was tricky, because you need a lot of space to put them far back, and people couldn’t necessarily stand any closer to the installation because then they would be blocking the projector.

Downstairs in the main room I showed 2 screen-prints ‘Red and Blue’ and a series of 4 photographs titled ‘Cove’. These were almost an after thought as I have been working on a lot of 2 dimensional work and thought it was important to display because it’s something I’m constantly involved in. I feel it may have confused people as to the link between them and the installation upstairs, as the photographs particularly can be seen as an ‘aftermath’ of the paper cove I had created previously in the year, as though it were a documentation. I hadn’t anticipated this, however in hindsight I can see how this would be. In a way they are documentation and perhaps shouldn’t have been shown in the gallery space. The prints however, are something I think should have been shown, as it depicts the 3 dimensional collage of a scrunched up piece of paper in a very specific, graphic and visually interesting way. And is a contrast to the softer, more subtle video installation work. A contrast I enjoy working with and would like to continue. Perhaps experimenting in the future with combining these to things in the same space and allowing it in some way to occupy the space more as I am working with the 3rd dimension but showing it on a 2 dimensional form.








UNIT: Critical Practice


STUDENT NAME: Harriet Horner


With reference to the Learning Outcomes for the Unit write a summary or bullet point list of what you consider to be:


the key achievements of your work on the unit (maximum 100 words)

Linking all the research together in a succinct way that didn’t make the essay turn into a ‘history essay’ by combining the old method and research with the newer, more contemporary subjects. Also allowing my subject not to ‘trap me’ with what I could write about and letting it evolve organically, moving towards culture and society as well as montage theory and film. Having a wide range of research sources and being able to move between different arguments and methodological frameworks as well as clearly formulating a central aim and discussion.


the most useful things that you learnt (maximum 100 words)


Noticing that the subject was part of a greater whole and that everything is connected, especially when it comes to art and artistic practises. Also how to properly present an essay/ dissertation in a clear way that communicates to the reader your main aim, thoughts and research.


the issues that you found challenging and how you set about overcoming them (maximum 100words)

I think I found structure the most challenging part of this essay. Because I had to jump around from old practitioners to new, I overcame this through a lot of re-reading and redrafting. Also allowing flexibility and open mindedness as well as giving myself time away from the essay to let thought process develop. Having conversations about my subject matter and structure also greatly helped because I was able to see it from a different viewpoint.


List what you now consider to be the main areas for development that you intend to focus on in the next unit? (maximum 100 words)


The main areas for development are looking more into Elizabeth Price’s work, and the new things she creates. As well as reading writing that comes out about her, because she is a very new artist and there is still a lot to be evaluated. I also want to continue looking into the work of more contemporary thinkers on subjects such as communications technology and where our world/society is going as I have found this a very interesting subject and only really just dipped my toe in…perhaps because we are so close to it (timescale wise).


Signed by Student: Harriet Horner




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