PPD Lecture. Pricing – James Goodwin

PPD Lecture. Pricing - James Goodwin

This lecture was about pricing of art work. I thought it would be more specific but it was more like a history lesson in the art market and how pricing and marketing art has evolved over the years. Warhol and Picasso being the best selling artists. Ultimately the goal is to get your art work in museums and public galleries where it can be seen by a wide audience. However the route to getting there is not easy – and is in fact one of the hardest things to do. There are many stages to getting there and James described them as first your art work has to get talked/written about by critics. Then it goes onto the primary dealers/primary collectors when there is enough critical interest in it. Next stage after the primary collector is the auctions and from there it either goes into a museum or secondary collectors. From museums it may then go to secondary dealers. The whole lecture was very business based and not something I had ever consciously thought about but which is going to be the make or break point if you want to have an actual career as an artist and be supported from it. Which in turn would give you the freedom to continue making artwork.


There is a second way of now getting through it which is creating work and selling it through to corporations such as banks, offices etc.


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