Jake and Dinos Chapman ‘Come and See’

Jake and Dinos Chapman 'Come and See'

The Serpentine held the latest exhibition for Jake and Dino Chapman. Expecting to be shocked and taken aback I was a little disappointed that I found it more humorous than shocking. Especially the KKK statues. Im sure it was supposed to be funny, a a dark humor kind of way – these seriously violent clan viewing art work along side me in hyde park. Their large Hell landscapes with mini sculptures of ronald macdonald and dying solders were predictable but very powerful pieces. The subject matter of ‘One Day you Will No Longer Be Loved’ intrigued me more. This real, raw realisation materialised in way of the 19th century primitive portraits which the brother altered, making the eyes pop out and the scarring the faces.



Julia Peyton-Jones, director, and Hans Ulrich Obrist, co-director, at Serpentine Galleries said: “Since their surreal and sometimes nightmarish imagery took up residency in our collective subconscious in the early 1990s, Jake and Dinos have continued to prod, provoke and entertain. Whether subverting artists’ original works – including their own – twisting historic narratives or peeling back the surface of consumer-driven culture to reveal the horror and humour that lies beneath, the Chapmans compel us to confront the nagging fears that lie at the dark heart of the Western psyche. Their use of film, music and literature as well as painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture anticipated the multi-disciplinary approach of the 89plus generation for whom they are heroes and trailblazers. We are thrilled that they are exhibiting at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery this winter.”





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