Artists Anonymous

artists annoynomus press release


I visited the exhibition of artists anonymous – systems of dawn. It was in a gallery just off oxford street and they had taken up 3/4 floors. They had completely overtaken the whole space, transforming it from a nice, pretty environment to a more and more sinister place as you got further through the exhibition. Most of the descriptions and concepts are in the press release. The first room was very inviting – being covered in grass and a little river with a mini bridge passing over it. The facade puts you in a safe place mentally and then you realise not all is as it seems and you are taking on a sinister journey as you visit downstairs and beyond to a narrative of torture and sinister occupations. I liked the concept more than they actual exhibition, I found that it generally got worse and you got further in. The paintings on the walls feeling out of place, was it an installation with paintings in, or where the paintings the main focal point? It seemed confused and ambitious at best. I also slowly lost interest and didn’t find myself wanting to stay in the rooms for more than 2 minuets – but maybe thats what  they were going for.


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