Natural Phenomena and the Human Body

Natural Phenomena and the Human Body


In fact, the weather’s impact on your body and the natural world is so varied, there’s a whole scientific study devoted to it: biometeorology. It’s a small, but diverse field of atmospheric scientists who study how — and why — the weather impacts animals, plants and humans. From changing symptoms of existing diseases, contributing to new conditions and prompting temporary physiological changes inside your body, the weather’s effect on your health is far-reaching.


“When weather changes, it’s not often just one variable that changes,” he said. “Is a change in temperature that’s affecting a person well-being? Or is it the change in wind or cloud cover? It’s hard to figure out which change is affecting humans, and because we’re largely relying on human perceptions, trying to quantify how these changes affect humans is another challenge.”


Some things, however, we know are impacted by the weather — and why. One of the biggest? Blood pressure. As changing pressure systems change your blood pressure, a host of health consequences can follow, Jennifer Vanos, an assistant professor in the department of geosciences at Texas Tech, said in an interview with


When the weather reflects the current mood of the film/play etc. For example: When an actor is sad/angry the weather usually turns to cloudy/stormy. You will notice this in a fair amount of films or literature if you look hard enough. – pathetic fallacy


But this isn’t EXACTLY how my film will go down. Its more about the human body embodying a weather through observing, watching and being in the space with the film installation. A kind of paper reality – which comes from nature – is reminisit of things in nature, mountains, landscapes..laced with a link to meteorology and the senses, a disturbing and also a tranquil mix. An abstract world where the rules are different. Here is a film of the installation I created for this.


<p><a href=”″>Paper Reality</a> from <a href=”″>Harriet Horner</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


I also had in mind Sean Gladwell’s video installation from Sydney Australia shown at the 2007 Venice Biennale.

Its about our relationship to nature and the emotional responses that we have toward it. This art is about the juxtaposition of the power of nature and mans fragility on its edge. It is a good example of the sublime.

Shaun Gladwell: Cycles of Radicle Will



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