Intrim Show – Coastal Paradox

For our Intrim Show we cleared the studios out, painted the walls and curated our exhibition ‘Coastal Paradox’. We made posters to advertise the show and pinned them up around college as well as getting Derek to send out a mass email to all the students.




IMG_0117 2





The show included Video Installation, Live Performance, Sculpture and Prints. It was a huge success.




I presented three pieces: a video installation using paper to project onto, two screen prints and a series of photographs. The tutors commented that I was creating a kind of paper reality, laced with a link to meteorology and the senses, a disturbing, and also a tranquil mix. There was a meditative quality to the installation and also a sense of disjunction, along with a particular or random narrative. ‘We were invited into an abstract world where the rules were different. There also seemed to be a strong relation to landscape, as if you were creating your own landscape in 2 and 3 dimensions.’

My screen prints were well conceived and produced, with the additions of blocks of colour, reminiscent of Russian Constructivism. It was suggested that I could allow all media to exist together with a reference to Shwitters’ Mezabau. A larger offering would be to give myself permission to see myself as a sculptor, or at the very least a manipulator of space. They were also wondering if I could have incorporated more of the paper construction installation that led to the video.


IMG_0093 2


IMG_0089 2

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