Olivia Bax



She had an exhibition in the summer called ‘Unfurled’ – it was concerned with physical transformation of an object and the various configurations it passes through, a print on paper being only the beginning. It is similar to my current practise because forms progress, patterns change, shapes emerge and structures mutate passes through. Surprised to find quite a few artist who use the paper as a material and focal point in itself.

Her work liberates material allowing it to be printed, embossed, folded, ripped, rolled, crushed, clasped. ‘The display becomes paramount, as the work appears to be still in motion.’ I often find this when working with paper, moving it and crumpling it through the motion of the hand, it retains this movement when viewing it as a still image. The dynamic gesture and alteration that was so crutail in the process of creating the forms is still present in the prints.

I don’t actually like a lot of her work but I can appreciate it conceptually. Her exhibition at the Foundry Gallery displayed some works of hers that I find most engaging and strangely similar to my own colour scheme. I sort of want to steer clear of doing things that other artists are already doing though. Ive also only come across her now, after completing a body of work where similarities with her can be seen.



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