Russian Constructivism

‘The construction of objects by creative men became concrete steps towards this goal. As a result art, as it had been known, gave way to construction and took upon itself an inevitable, but new, dimension of social awareness. Those which survive continue to agitate and excite the imagination. They retain the VIGOUR and VITALITY of their first emergence in the Russian Revolutionary exploration of the relation between art and work and of the artists role in society.


Naum Gabo’s construction employed symmetries comparable with natural structures in crystals, snowflakes and plants. I am going to use natural structures too when composing my structure. The structure that will encase the screen prints within it. His sculptures initiate a connection between what is tangible and intangible, between what is simplistic in its reality and the unlimited possibilities of intuitive imagination.


Image     Image   Image

Gabo said of his own sculpture that he himself was “making images to communicate my feelings of the world.”


Valdimir Stenberg ‘Construction in Space’ (iron)



This intrigues me about trying the juxtaposition between the delicate nature of paper & the powerful structure and strength of steel. Symbolic perhaps of the powerful strength of nature (particularly weather) and the fragility of the human when up against it.

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