From Wu-hsi to Suchou, the seventh Nan-hsun-t’u handscroll 1691 – 8 by Wang Hui

With a lot of photography and art you are essentially a spectator outside it. But with the scrolls, you are there, as though you had passed the shop back there on the road. Its unbelievably vivid! You choose to stop in certain places and take notice. A chinese scholar artist would want to walk in his garden, taking a longer path, and THEN make a picture of that garden, or the EXPERIENCE of walking in it. The Renasissance artist sits in a room and looks out of a window, and THEN makes his picture. He is fixed there with the window picture, and therefore thinks of perspective. The Chinese wouldn’t because their experience is moving, flowing, as time is flowing. He might sit down to make his picture, but the picture is not of being seated but of walking in the garden. If only the Chinese had invented a camera, that would have been something!


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