Chris Cunningham

Ok woah can’t believe I haven’t heard of this guy before now. Where have I been. Chris Cunningham is a British music video film director and video artist. His ‘gloomy, sexy, twisted style of video appeals to everyones dark side’ – and has brought on collaborations with all kinds of artists. 

‘As a filmmaker, Chris creates an atmospheric tension through the highly controlled use of lighting, timing and special effects. He evokes the ambience of environments which seem taut with the expectation of disruption; and it is this device, linked so keenly to his visual interpretation of sound’ which makes his film work for musicians such as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Portusheat dismantle the cliches of promotional video and reinvent the form.


In ‘Flex’ – a piece he created for ‘Apocalypse’ (an internationally significant contemporary art show) he has made a piece which ‘tracks a physical relationship through sound and image, inviting the viewer to engage with a sensory experience which explores, like fairy tales and abstract music, our deeper relation to our inner feelings – the shadow which may give way to light.’

He responds to sound, interpreting the music through drawing, painting and model making.

There is a good video about him here. His films have their own little universe in which he could develop his own style and logic.  Currently Cunningham is pursuing further the abstract fringes of electronic music, and how that music can relate to moving images and story telling.


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