Turner Prize



I love that there was an artist using actual DRAWING as his practice! Its one of my favourite mediums and I’m glad its been recognised.


This video was really interesting – if not a bit long for to be in art gallery? Would have preferred to see it as an actual film, in a cinema.

The Winner – Elizabeth Price

She did a video installation called THE WOOLWORTHS CHOIR OF 1979 2012. Comprising three parts, the video brings together distinct bodies of material into a dissonant assembly; photographs of church architecture, internet clips of pop performances and news footage of a notorious fire in a Woolworths furniture department in 1979. The film weaves together existing archives of text, image and sound to create video installations that drift between social history and fantasy.


It was really great to see a video artist win – especially because this film was unlike any ‘video art’ I have ever previously seen exhibited. It also just goes to show even further the power of the edit, and how much of the work IS in the editing. She uses digital video to try and explore the divergent forces that are at play when you can bring so many different technological histories together. The film was very dense and complex and she states that she continues working on films for years after they are completed because she feels as though it takes her that long to understand what she wants to give emphasise to. I would definitely say the video is something I experienced sensually, and its a very seductive film. There are certainly propaganda elements to her work, or ‘certain qualities of cinema or advertising that are intended to persuade you’. Perhaps the judges were seduced so much by the film that they awarded her the prize…Either way, I love the video, you move into it, into its logic, into it as a ‘kind of environment’. ‘A kind of atmosphere thats dramatic and is intense and is often quite manipulative’.

And then you move back out of it…


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