Exhibition – Rain Room at Barbican

After queueing up for the best part of 2 hours we finally got to enter the rain room!  A lot of anticipation had led up to this moment, mainly due to all the hype and mystery that had assimulated in the queue.  I was wary that it may have been slightly anticlimactic but was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite.  As you walk through a dark, large passageway you turn a corner to reveal a black boxlike shape with sheets of water pouring down in a very square,  uniform way.  The power of the installation  was heightened even more by the dramatic lighting in the far corner, a large floodlight., making the water seem more cinematically illuminated.  (This also allowed a great opportunity for photographs).

The science behind it is that there are sensors that sense the body and the water stops flowing so you can be immersed within this rain without actually getting wet. As I walked towards the pouring rain-like water I found myself slightly scared. What if it doesn’t stop and I get drenched? Do I really have the power to stop something with so much force? I had faith and carried on. It strangely felt spiritual, almost like Moses parting the waves of the red Sea.  It is a pretty great feeling, very refreshing and it made me feel really alive which is never a bad thing.


I like art that physically and mentally engulfs you.


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