Exhibition – Klein & Moriyama at Tate Modern


So I just went with my great friend Natalia to this exhibition at the Tate Modern of two seperate retrospectives side by side. The first looked at the American artist, photographer and filmmaker (how lucky) William Klein, while the second focuses on the Japanese artist Daido Moriyama. Their work is very different, but there are also strong affinities between the two artists such as their tendency to look beyond the individual photographic image, resulting in dynamic photo books and complex installations.

I really loved William Klein’s work, more than I thought I would. In the first room his first ever film ‘Browdway by Light’ is showing on a large screen opposite some of his prints. It feels very nostalgic and VERY american, it reminded me a lot of west side story, properly because of the Jazz score played over the top of it as well as its fast paced cutting, giving it a dynamic sense of movement. The film is essentially a portrait of New York through its ‘gaudy neon signage’. The whole film feels very alive and he really has captured the atmosphere of that world.

The rest of his work is mainly photography, and prints, very Andy Warhol, pop arty, and stylised. As a fashion photographer this was unavoidable however he often had his own take on photographs such as ‘grain blur, contrast, accidents, cocked framing’.

The other half of the exhibition was the work of Daido Moriyama.

Postcards I brought of his work:


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