Artist – Jack Goldstein

Burning Window 1977 (the Estate of Jack Goldstein and 1301PE, Los Angeles

I really love the strong, simplistic imagery here and the mood it manages to create. Kinda reminds me of screen printing and the satisfactory feeling when you pull the stencil back from the print. (Purely aesthetically)

The Planets, 1984


‘The 45s form a large circle on a pointed yellow or red wall, as if they were planets themselves in our galaxy. Each record has to be played in order to locate from our memory what planet each record might suggest. The records are made up of found musical recording, from sci-films that have been remixed to suggest to the viewer what planet he or she might be listening to. Since 90% of the universe is in total blackness, and one needs a telescope to reveal what is out there, through meditation – one has to play the record to locate its identity – Jack Goldstein.’

These tracks are so great – Goldstein really hasn’t limited himself media wise which I love.

4. The Tornado (1976)


‘For Jack Goldstein sounds were pictures, “I arrive at a sound through an image.” The Tornado is drawn from his Suite of Nine 7-inch Records with Sound Effects, each record a different color. The Tornado is purple.

I interviewed George Kuchar last year just before he died for the Frieze blog specifically in relation  to his video series Weather Diaries. Every spring for the past 30 years George traveled to El Reno in Oklahoma where he holed up in a mid-century motel to wait for the “deadly fury” of mid-western tornados. George talked about how “it’s thrilling to look at nature from a distance”. The Tornado reminds me of him, a wonderful connection to make.’


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